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Great historical mystery you are interested in?
I’m interested in ancient architecture and such, like the pyramids of Gizeh and its connection with the stars. Another example is the Nazca Lines in Peru, nobody knows exactly their purpose and how they were made.

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  • <b> </b> I have seen many questionnaires but none including history. What a shame..<p><b></b> 1. Who is your favourite historical person?<p><b></b> 2. What is your country most famous for in history?<p><b></b> 3. What is your country most infamous for in history?<p><b></b> 4. Favourite historical era?<p><b></b> 5. Favourite weapon?<p><b></b> 6. Military unit?<p><b></b> 7. Historical dressing, uniform or costume?<p><b></b> 8. What is the last thing you have read/ listened/ spoke with historical reference?<p><b></b> 9. Favourite historical film?<p><b></b> 10. Pieces of art ( paintings, sculpures, lithographies, ect.) related to history you like most ( post an image of them)<p><b></b> 11. Have you participated in reenactment? What it was like?<p><b></b> 12. Would you take part in reenactment? In what era and as whom?<p><b></b> 13. Something random about some random historical person in a random era.<p><b></b> 14. Why you are interested in history ( a silly question, eh?) ?<p><b></b> 15. Were the history classes teached in an interesting way in your school/ college/ university? What would you do to improve them if you were the teacher / lecturer?<p><b></b> 16. Do you own some historical item? ( coin, clothing, weapons, books, ect) If yes which one is your favourite?<p><b></b> 17. What historical item would you like to own?<p><b></b> 18. Look at the clock and assume the numbers are forming historical year ( 17;58 would be 1758) What was / is / will be the world that year? Any event happened then or will happen?<p><b></b> 19. Favourite historical book?<p><b></b> 20. History crush?<p><b></b> 21. Historical game?<p><b></b> 22. Random historical fact about the place you are at the moment.<p><b></b> 23. Favourite historical song / with such reference?<p><b></b> 24. Most underrated historical figure?<p><b></b> 25. Most overrated historical figure in your opinion?<p><b></b> 26. Forgotten hero we should know about and admire?<p><b></b> 27. Favourite historical " What if... " ?<p><b></b> 28. Favourite "dream team" of specific era or the entire history?<p><b></b> 29. Great historical mystery you are interested in?<p><b></b> 30. Ask me a question of your own.<p><b></b> Send me the numbers of the questions you wish to be answered in my "Ask".<p>

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